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About Us

Is Suffolk County Chiropractic right for you? Instead of treating conditions as they occur, Suffolk County Chiro puts an emphasis on prevention and lifestyle improvement.  By improving one’s health, among other variables, one can reduce their risk for chiropractic-related injuries, and create an overall healthier lifestyle. Ask yourself: Would you rather treat pain as it comes, or reduce the risk of it altogether? We like to focus on the latter. However, we also offer treatment options for individuals who are already experiencing pain. We offer alternative methods of relief for common pain conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle tension, and much more.

If you live in the Commack and Suffolk area and would like to improve your back and neck, join us at SCC today! Our techniques in chiropractic aim to reconnect patients with health and wellness and apply it to their everyday life. Upon joining us to being your path to recovery, patients often experience and achieve levels of wellness they never thought could be possible. To begin your path to relieving pain and living better, call us at  631-493-9390 to schedule an appointment or learn more about us.

By choosing to pursue an alternative to traditional medicine, patients can achieve a high level of health and wellness, while avoiding the complications associated with invasive surgery and prescription drugs. By focusing on prevention and strengthening, chiropractic is often the right choice for those suffering from certain types of pain. Even in the case that invasive surgery is necessary for a serious injury, Suffolk County Chiropractic can still help the patient in their post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation stages. For all patients, we create a specialized plan tailored to individual needs and goals. To learn more about the great benefits of chiropractic, we recommend you become a member of our website, and gain access to our free online wellness resources.