New Patient Center - Suffolk County Chiropractic

New Patient Center

Welcome to Suffolk County Chiropractic’s New Patient Center! We have conveniently put all resources required for new patients to get started in one place.

We understand that becoming a new patient can be very tedious for many people. We strive to cut down on all the hurdles you may have to jump over and begin your treatment process quickly. With all the paperwork to fill out, new people to meet at the office, and insurance calls to make, we try our best to make you becoming a patient as pain-free as possible. You may already be experiencing pain in you back or neck. We do not want to add any more tension in your life!

This area of the website contains the necessary items for your first chiropractic visit. Be sure to fill out the necessary paperwork, understand our insurance policies and payment options, and learn what to expect during the first visit.