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October 8, 2018
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How A Chiropractor Can Treat Ligament Injuries


One of the most common joint injuries is a sprain or stretching of ligamentous tissue that connects the two bones together. Ligament injury is caused by an overstretching of individual fibers of a ligament secondary to increased shear stress or force.  If you are looking for a chiropractor near East Northport, NY to help you with this type of injury, Suffolk County Chiropractic is your answer for proper recovery.  


For many active individuals, ligament injury is due to a sudden twisting motion that leads to overstretching, bruising, and sometimes tearing of the cartilage.  The knees, ankle, and wrists are most vulnerable to a ligament injury, with anterior cruciate ligament injuries being most common. Performing various warm-up routines and stretching drills can decrease the likelihood of developing a ligament injury during exercise. The core components of prevention include a sufficient pre-exercise warm-up including stretching, strengthening the core with squats and walking lunges, and optimizing balance, with drills that focus on hand-eye coordination and stability.


When diagnosed with a ligament injury or tear by a physician, it is important to recognize the important role chiropractors play in recovery. There are numerous ways in which chiropractors aid in the treatment and healing process of ligament sprain or strain. The following are just a few of the methods chiropractors use their training to help patients reach their greatest potential:


  • Soft-tissue manipulation techniques
    • Chiropractors have postgraduate training in soft-tissue manipulation techniques which reduce inflammation and facilitate the proliferation of fibroblasts to heal the ligament
  • Soft-tissue dysfunction treatment
    • Chiropractors understand the interconnection of joints above and below the injured ligament and therefore work to treat any soft tissue dysfunction in addition to the current injury. At Suffolk County Chiropractic, our chiropractor near East Northport, NY can give you the help you need today.
  • Enhanced circulation techniques
    • Chiropractors apply soft-tissue circulation enhancing techniques to stabilize the musculature around the joint and to enhance the overall rehabilitation process


If a ligament stretch or tear is on your differential, it is important to see your doctor for the correct diagnosis. A tear may involve the care from an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist. It is just as essential to receive care from a chiropractor in order to better facilitate the healing process which involves not only the affected joint but also the surrounding musculature, circulation, and inflammatory tissue.


Whether you are recovering from a chronic ligament injury or experiencing an acute joint pain, contact our chiropractor near East Northport, NY at Suffolk County Chiropractic. Offering a range of services, we are more than happy to help facilitate your ligament injury to recovery!

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